The Hood County Attorney:

  • Works with law enforcement in the investigation and preparation of cases to be heard before the criminal courts
  • Prosecutes misdemeanor offenses in the four Justice Courts and the Hood County Court at Law
  • Prosecutes juvenile cases (felony and misdemeanor) referred to the Hood County Court, the Hood County Court at Law, or the 355th Judicial District Court
  • Represents family violence victims who seek protective orders
  • Assists applicants who seek mental commitments
  • Represents the State in bail bond forfeiture cases in the Hood County Court and the Hood County Court at Law
  • Represents the State in criminal cases and motions to revoke misdemeanor probation in the Hood County Court at Law and the four Justice Courts
  • Renders legal advice to county officials and provide legal representation to the county when requested
  • Represents the Department of Family and Protective Services (CPS) in protecting abused and neglected children (proposed change)
  • Prosecutes violations of health laws, such as malfunctioning septic systems and illegal dumping for the County Health Department
  • Assists crime victims with collecting restitution and, if victims meet certain criteria, assists victims in requesting victim compensation from the state
  • Collects restitution for local businesses on hot checks
  • When requested by the Attorney General, a state agency, the district attorney, or a prosecutor from another jurisdiction, may assist in prosecutions before the courts or with matters where conflicts of interest may occur


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