You need to take a photo of (or make a copy of) your Texas driver license.  Do it NOW.  I’ll wait.

Here’s why:

There is a new number on your license that you will need if you ever want to:

That number is called the “audit number” and it is located either on the side of your photo or at the bottom of your license.  You probably never noticed it was there.  Or if you did notice it, you had no idea what it was for.

Here’s the kicker:  you can only GET that number if you have your actual license in hand.  DPS won’t give it to you.  Even if you beg.

If you lose your license, you won’t have the number (because, well, you lost it).  If you get arrested for DWI, you won’t have that number (because the officer will have confiscated your license).  If someone steals your wallet you won’t have it (but the bad guy will).

That’s why you should snap a photo of your license right now.  Save the photo in a secure place.  You never know when you might need your audit number.

Call me if you need an Occupational Driver’s License.  I can help.  817-952-1-LAW (1529).