Happy Birthday, Grandma Anna

Memories of Grandma Anna Sunday is the 126th anniversary of grandma’s birth- July 2, 1891.  I thought I’d take a moment to share some memories I have of her. My first memories are from when she and grandpa lived on the house on the hill.  Grandma had an old rusted stove out back of her house that [...]

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“Excuse me, sir. Are you wearing underwear?”

Those of you who know me can confirm that my superpower is finding humor in the most unlikely of places.  (It actually runs in my family.  It is most likely genetic and is least likely to have come from the stoic, Norwegian side.) This week, I had the privilege of discovering the dress code rules for the Bexar [...]

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Her Name is Rachel D’Avino

My friend, Julya Billhymer, wrote an important blog about why we should remember the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting rather than memorializing the name of the murderer. I couldn't agree more.  I've chosen Rachel D'Avino.  Rachel was only 29 years old and she had just begun her job as a teacher's aide at [...]

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